Made with Moxie: Modern Mini Challenge!

March 2, 2012

Modern Mini Challenge!

I'm totally psyched to show you my completed entry for Ellison Lane's Modern Mini Quilt Challenge. The final product is 35" square and will be donated to a silent auction for Abby's Perfect Broken Heart to raise money for her heart transplant.

The idea behind the Modern Mini Quilt Challenge was to try something new, learn a new technique and take a big idea and try it in mini form. I got my Modern Mini inspiration from a bee block Ceri from Inspired by Felix had done last July. I've been following her blog for a while and love her style. Plus, we both have daughters named Felix.

New quilting techniques tried:
*Inspired by Felix Optical block
*making a mini quilt
*quilting with solids (ha! why use solids where there are prints?)
*using fusiable fleece (for batting)
*spray basting (also sprayed my arm hair)(not recommended)
*hand quilting

I can honestly say I have never done a squarer, more even binding than this one. The corners all came out perfect!

Hand quilting? Not as bad as you think. And I looove the look.

You get the best optical illusion from further away.


I'm in love with mini quilts. You get all the creativity with size that doesn't tax my attention span.

Kona cotton solids are nice, but I would only use black for wall quilts. It attracts and shows so much lint. (Maybe this is why everyone uses greys?)

Fusible fleece and spray batting are super duper easy, especially with hand quilting. It allowed me to move my quilt around, fold it up and take it where ever I needed to go in the house with the kiddos and not mess the sandwich up. Some quilters question using it for quilts intended to wash and dry. I'll have to use the fusible fleece on my next wash & dry quilt and let you know how it goes.

I love the look of hand quilting. I will most definitely use this technique again though I need to work on my knot hiding.

Modern Mini Quilt Challenge: Success!