Made with Moxie: My Meridian Cardi Hoodie

January 15, 2014

My Meridian Cardi Hoodie

Every once in a while the stars align and magic happens.

Making it mine: The Southwestern Meridian cardi hoodie

A few days after Christmas we went to the Natural History Smithsonian with my brother and his family. While wondering about the dinosaurs my eye was drawn to a woman wearing a brightly colored Southwestern pattern cardigan. I probably stared at her a bit too long like a nutter, but I really liked the look of her sweater and found it especially odd because I normally dislike Southwestern patterns. In any case, she was lost into the crowds within a few seconds and my attention turned else where.

I was perusing my Instagram feed later that week when I wasn't sleeping well and lo, and behold, there was that sweater again! Thanks to the commenters I found it online at When I showed it to my husband he thought I had lost my mind. A) He thought it was ugly, and B) he was surprised I was in love with it. To be honest, I was still surprised I was in love with it, but who am I to argue with love at first sight?

I continued contemplating dropping fifty dollars on the "ugly" sweater until the fateful day arrived. I had spent the afternoon taping together my copy of the Meridian {for women} cardi pattern. As I was browsing through my knit fabrics for inspiration, lightening struck! There, on buried under newer fabrics, was the most fabulous Southwestern patterned fabric that I had bought as part of a Girl Charlee Bargain Lot. Not only was it the same bright rusts and teals, but the most perfect aqua thermal knit was stacked right with it.

Fast forward a few hours of sewing (with kids) and I present to you my Meridian:

Making it mine: The Southwestern Meridian cardi hoodie

I made some very slight edits to the pattern for style sake only. I squared out the top corners of the Meridian to mimic the original cardi that I loved. I cut my thermal sleeve lining a few inches longer so I could roll them up for contrast. I drafted a quick hood because I love hoodies. To add a hood, assemble the hood and lining, sew them together along the font face seam, turn them right sides facing and pin it in place before you do the final sewing around the outside edge of your Meridian.

Making it mine: The Southwestern Meridian cardi hoodie

The Meridian cardi for women is a great pattern to use if you are new to knits, or a pro. While it does require a good amount of fabric yardage, it is yardage well used. Who doesn't like to be swaddled in soft and lovely knits? The pattern fits well and make a garment that is quite versatile. Throw it on over jeans and a tshirt. Wear it to dress up a basic shift dress for work. You could shorten it up to just under the bust for an adorable shrug, too. Make a basic black one and wear it with just about everything. I'm thinking my next Meridian will be unlined with sweatshirt knit.

Making it mine: The Southwestern Meridian cardi hoodie

Making it mine: The Southwestern Meridian cardi hoodie

I am completely in love with my Meridian. I may wear it often, and by often I mean almost every day. I really need to get going on a second one so I can wash this one. Ha!

How would you make your Meridian?

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Making it mine: The Southwestern Meridian cardi hoodie

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