Made with Moxie: I am...

February 9, 2014

I am...

I am a curvy, sexy brunette.

I am a painted lady.

I am a maker; seamstress, quilter, artist, designer.

I am a woman; wife, mother, sister, daughter.

I am a lover. I wear my heart on my sleeve.

I am passionate. It's all or nothing.

I am silly. I am laughter.

I am emotional. I overflow.

I am a tactile person. I touch the back of your coat when you aren't looking.

I am detail oriented to a fault. I am a perfectionist.

I am rational and pragmatic.

I want to be in control.

I am an adventurer; a hacker.

I am a fidget.

I am a story teller. A big picture painter.

I am moxie. I am a character.

I want to be a runner again.

I want to buy more time.

I want to be successful.

I want to be iconic. I want to be notorious. I want to be infamous.

I want to have it all.

I am...

Take a moment this week. Tell me: who are you?

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About the Bold Brilliant Beautiful You project:
Throughout the year, I’m joining forces with some of my blogging friends to motivate and encourage ourselves and others to be bold and step out from behind the lens, projects, and mama status to show ourselves. That’s right, we’re doing something just for us. And we’re inviting you to join us! Each of us has something bold, brilliant and beautiful inside—whether it’s a dream to ask for a promotion, wear those sparkly shoes in the back of our closet, or start a non-profit. The #boldbeautifulbrilliant project is a support group for all of us seeking to be real and vulnerable. No judging, no questions, just support and words of encouragement.