Made with Moxie: October 2011

October 9, 2011

"You can tell yourself anything is too difficult, or you can just do it. You just need to be hungry."

I just read this article in the New York Times Sunday Review. You should read it too. But if you're too lazy it's about a woman who, when she finds herself made poor by divorce and the economy, becomes self-sufficient by learning to garden, raise chickens, and make household products in order to take care of her children. The title of this blog was a quote taken from the article.

I was struck by what a simple truth is it.

The quote reminded me of two instances of my life. The first being my life as a stay at home mom (SAHM) and Etsy shop owner. People ask me how I have time or think I am a Super Mom. I'm not. At all. I just do it because it needs to be done. I quit my job to raise my children. My husband and I agreed that while our children were young they should be home with one of their parents. I made less money, so that was me. But I also have an entrepreneurial itch and a need to create. So I make things and sell things. It keeps me happy and sane. Juggling it all is real a challenge though. I'll admit I filter my postings to make it seem more unicorns and rainbows than it always is. But I love what I do and I find reward in it. Too many people say they wish they could do things, but never do. Mostly they're just full of it. It you want something, make it happen. You just need to be hungry.

I was married to another guy before I met my husband. I married too young and settled when I shouldn't have. When I came to that realization I had to make a choice. Ending a marriage is quite a life disrupting experience. You think you know it before you do it and then you find out how disrupting it really is. I made the choice to leave my spouse and start from scratch anyways. I was hungry; starving even, and I was not about to waste the rest of my life. Starting again from zero was one of the best decisions I have ever made and one of the most difficult.

To each his own. If you are happy with your life, whatever it may be, great. If you need to make a change and you need help, I'm here for you. But if all you want to do it whine about it, I don't have the time to listen to you. Call me when you're hungry enough to do something about it.

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