Made with Moxie: September 2015

September 17, 2015

Why I'm loving Seattle and the Pacific Northweast

I must admit it. I'm having a love affair. Things are totally gaybo. I'm downright smitten with Seattle and the Pacific Northwest, and here's why:

A perfect cup of coffee. Every time.
Seattle is the birthplace of Starbucks and this city consumes more coffee than any American city. It's nearly impossible to walk a block in this city without passing a coffee shop. These people take their roasted beans seriously. As a result they're brewing beautiful cups of coffee and make a damn sexy latte. Back east I stopped visiting our local Dunkin Donuts because most times I left the drive through with a burnt-y tasting cup of yuck and was mad I wasted a few bucks and fifteen minutes of my time. Here in Seattle I can get a cup of joe fast and so far each one has been so smooth and lovely. Everywhere from the Starbucks in the Target to the local shops on the way to the kid's school. It's pretty awesome. coffee graphic

Ocean, mountains, and woods all in one place.
I grew up in Upstate New York. Think Adirondacks, cabins in the woods, hiking during autumn, canoeing in Saranac Lake. The outdoors is in my blood. It wasn't until I went to college and lived in Rhode Island that I discovered that one week of vacation at the ocean shore was not enough for me. Turns out the Pacific Northwest offers me all the wonders of Upstate NY combined with an seaside view. I can't tell you how jazzed I am. This is the beach that is fourteen minutes from my house. I've already been there more than once.

Richmond Beach Park

Seattle is a city surrounded by water, mountains and a volcano. The people here respect and cherish their surroundings. While the view of Seattle from Puget Sound is impressive (take a ferry, it's only $8), my favorite view of Seattle is as you drive from the north into downtown. It's a city skyline on a lake. A lake filled with floating houses (the Sleepless in Seattle one, too), boats of industry (the Deadliest Catch ships dock here), seaplanes landing and taking off, sailboats, crew teams, and even paddleboarders. Plus, hi, the Space Needle. It's a gorgeous view of the city as you head south on the 5. I always want to take a photo, but don't want to crash my car. This is the view from down on the lake.

Richmond Beach Park

Sexy lumberjack style.
I don't know what more to say here. Bearded, tattooed, whisky drinking, outdoorsy men are hot. Fact And the Pacific Northwest is full of them. Lumberjacks on a bikes. Lumberjacks drinking coffee. Lumberjacks on every corner. I don't care if it's hipster or not. Do men care if ladies wearing yoga pants actually do yoga or not? No. No, they do not. Though a true lumberjack style of man is the hottest. Because he doesn't care if you think it's hot. He looks the way he does because he likes it. And owning your own style is the sexiest thing.
Sexy bearded manly men

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to admire the view.

Beards are Great from BILFuk
Click on this pic to see more sexy bearded men. #bilf

Also, I almost forgot, if you're in the Seattle area and free this Saturday evening I'm going to be at Trabant Coffee at 7pm. Come on down and have a cup of coffee with me and Kimberly of Straight Stitch Designs