Made with Moxie: March 2013

March 29, 2013


I had a playdate this morning. Sorry you missed it. Next time get your lazy butt out of bed. Sheesh, I made the coffee even.

We had snow this week. For the first time in about three years is was more than an inch. We seized the morning, layered up and bounded about.

I had two very cold, very wet, and very happy kiddos. The watched their snowman the rest of the day. Sadly, he did not dance. But he did fall over. They've been watching him melt.

Tonight we're driving to New York to visit my family for Easter and meet my new nephew. I still need to pack. And go to the post office. And pick up my CSA. No big deal. Same shit, different day.

My head kind of hurts. I think I need to switch to water. I'd really like to curl up right now on my husband's chest and take a nap. It just feels like that kind of an afternoon.

I did manage to finish and pack my Covert Robin gift this week (hence the trip to the post office.) I also finished my Staple Dress this week. I'll be featuring it over at the new blog, Go Make Shit, next week after I take pictures of it. I freaking love it. Plus, I did something I've never tried before and it came out awesome. In my opinion. You can be the judge.

Well, I'd better get my ass into gear. I promised my husband I would pack up his Covert Robin gift. What's that you say? Yeah, he signed up to do the Covert Robin too. I'll share what he made next week too. It's pretty freaking awesome.

Happy jellly beans, peeps and hollow chocolate rabbits!

March 28, 2013

My Covert Robin Delivered! Woot!

I tore open a package last week, not even thinking about what it was. I order all sorts of stuff on the internet and so does my husband. So when I got it open and saw a freaking ninja pillow I began to dance.

And I really dance. I don't post that I'm dancing. I dance. I do a jig. I skip around the table and get the kids to do it with me. We make up a song about happy ninja pillows. My Covert Robin, Melissa Q. of A Happy Stitch, also sent me this super duper cute change purse that she printed and made, along with rainbow stickers and Japanese gum. Woot!

In her note, Melissa said I seemed like the kind of girl who would appreciate a ninja pillow. Boy, howdy, do I ever!

I need to start opening my packages where my kids can't see them though. Jimmy has taken Ninja to his crib. But he makes Ninja dance for me when I go to get him out, so I suppose I can share him.

Jane also decided to try some Japanese gum. She has never tried gum at all before. Check it out.

Adorableness overload going on here at the Dorsey house. Thank you, Melissa. We're in love.

March 22, 2013

Coffeetalk: Life and Death

Ok, so sorry I had to reschedule coffee break into the afternoon. I had a follow up appointment about my boobs. (They're doing just fine. Thanks for asking.) Then I had to go pick up our CSA basket and get ready for a birthday surprise dinner for my husband. Yeah, yesterday was his birthday!

This week I got to visit a 'wet lab' through my Anatomy class. It's where you go when you donate your body to science. It was amazing, humbling and so emotional all at once. I held someone's heart in my hands. I felt the final breath still caught in another person's lungs. I witnessed the affects of cancer on your organs, and what happens to your brain and skull when you drink, drive and go through a windshield. It blew my mind. I love science. The body is so damn amazing and modern medicine is freaking awesome. I cried all the way home.

Then last night, my younger brother and his lovely became parents! Their son, Link, is so freaking cute. I can't wait to meet him over Easter weekend. It just brings me back to when my kiddos were born and that amazing, love at first sight feeling. If there were ever a way to record a memory to play back when ever you wanted, I would pick those two days my babies and I met.

I'm getting a bit heavy on you there. Woah. Hey, I cleaned off my kitchen table. That's right; check it out. See? Every square inch.

Check out foxy here. He has been about in our woods since we got here, but today he decided to get quite close.

Well, I've got birthday surprises to work on and fabric patterns to get hopping on. Have a great weekend, y'all!

March 15, 2013

Coffee talk!

Oh my God, did you see what that woman was wearing? Some one should tell her those are Not Pants. It's a bit early to be looking at another woman's butt. Sheesh. At least let me have my coffee first.

So, how was your week? As opposed to last week, I think this week has taken forever. At least we had nice enough weather to go outside with the kids.

Doesn't this sunshine just feel so nice? It makes me want to just curl up in this chair and take a nap. Too bad I've got gobs of things to do between school work and Moxie work. Oh, what about housework, you say? What is house work? Oh, damn. I'm supposed to be doing that too? Woops!

This week I am working on memorizing all the muscles in the body. No big deal, right? Next week I have to know where the start, end, what nerve makes them move and how they move the body. Psssht, no big deal. Folded laundry? Not going to happen.

Check it out. My plants are coming up! I didn't kill them! I can not wait to get the garden going. What I really wished is we had to money to put up the six foot fence around the yard. Those damn deer are just going to eat my garden again. (shakes fist) Plus, I *love* the view of the rolls of molding wet carpet my neighbors pulled out of their basement....last fall.

Have you ever tried to grow blackberry bushes? I saw someone selling plants on Craigslist the other day and was curious if it was a no-brainer or not.

Did you just hear that? Yeah, Jane just told Jimmy "Oooooh, that's a big mess, Jimmy. Don't worry. Momma can clean it up." Super.

(chugs coffee) It'd a good thing they are cute. I'm psyched I just hired my friend, Heather, to redesign my logos, headers and sewn in tags. So super psyched. Also, I am going to be an Auntie again soon. Come out, Mr, Link!

Well, I'd better go see what Yahoo Doris and Bahoo Boris are up to and what kind of "big mess" I am cleaning up. Have a good one y'all!

March 13, 2013

Covert Robin Prizes Announced!

Girl with gift color and hair button-1

So, how is it going?  Are you all having fun "stalking" your partners?  Have you figured out what you are making?

Oh, it is fun, isn't it? 

If you still have questions, please feel free to contact any of the co-hosts.  Don't forget to check out the tutorial links that I have posted or this post from Clover & Violet if you need some ideas of "what to make".

And now for some more fun...Remember, after your partner has received their gift you can blog about the gift you made and/or the gift you received for a chance to win prizes! The co-hosts will host a linky party starting April 1, and each of us will randomly award one participant a prize.  That's TEN chances to win!

So, what are the prizes you ask? 

Here is what I am offering...

A Moxie Fat Quarter bundle!

Want to know the other nine prizes?  You'll have to stop by each co-host's blog to see what they are offering! 

Cassie (elegantitus)
Clara (Clover & Violet)
Courtney (mon petit lyons)
Jane (buzzmills)
Jill (Made with Moxie)
Karen (Sew Well Maide)
Kelley (casa crafty)
Melissa (a happy stitch)
Rachael (imagine gnats)
Stephanie (The Crafty Kitty)

So much good stuff! 

Also, there are over 160 people participating in this gift exchange!  That's a lot, hooray!  Want to know who everyone is?  Well, here you go, a list of blogs who are participating.  Click around to get to "know" each other and to find some new blogs and friends. 

Have craft-tastic day! And happy making!

Tiara Quilts
AnnieOak Designs
Crazy and Crafty at Home
Babes and Brides
Drunken Monkey Knits
Sew What's Cooking?
At home with Mrs H
photosarah crafts
By Pen or By Thread
Wanda's Quilts & Crafts
Sew What Sherlock
sweet puddles
Suburbia Soup
Tops to Treasures
Sew Happily Ever After
Jan's ArtFriendzy
Ladybug Lane
My So-Called Chaos
ferns frocks
A Couple More Hours
Sara Victorious
Feathered Nest Studio

Tami's Eclectic Corner
Jenniffier's Sometimes Creative Life
Snuggle Up with a dish from Karma
Lia*s Handmades
Green Mountain Couple
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Clover & Violet

March 11, 2013

Covert Robin Progress

If you think being a co-host and veteran of the Covert Robin makes it any easier or less nerve wracking, you're wrong.

I'm one of those people who wants every gift to be *just perfect*.

I have chosen my fabrics.

And this morning I launched into my project.

As usual, I am trying something I have never done before. Which is awesome because I figure out a new skill, but it is also nuts because I put additional pressure on myself.

Do I have a Plan B if this fails? Nope. I can not fail!

March 8, 2013

Coffee Talk!

Holy Moly! How is it Friday again? Totally snuck up on me. Grab a cuppa joe and plant your ass for a few minutes with me.

Hey, nice yoga pants. They totally don't even look like jammiee either.
Thanks for all the well wishes on my Anatomy practical. I did really well and got the second highest grade in the class! I'm super psyched.

Even thought I am so ready for spring, sunshine and working in my garden, I am totally bummed that our Snowquester storm predictions were horribly wrong. We were supposed to get anywhere from five to ten inches of snow. We got two. Then it rained. So it is gone. I haven't had a good snowstorm in years. The last time we got loads of snow was three years ago when we had a record breaking 80+ inches. But I gave birth to Jane during the first of those storms so I did not get to go play in it.

My kids have discovered a new awesome game called Take All the Clothes Out of Your Dresser and Throw Them Down the Stairs. When I locked everyone's bedroom doors during the day, they emptied the linen closet. Five times in one day. Now that it tied closed with a pair of shoe laces. I just can't fold up all of our sheets, towels and quilts one more time. (shakes fist) Damn kids.

I made this Rutabaga Mushroom Soup this week. Mainly because we got a rutabaga and cremini mushrooms in our CSA box. I browned some sausage in the beginning and used that instead of the chicken. I also used sour cream instead of cream. I never have creme in the house and make all sorts of dairy substitutes. The soup was freaking awesome. Seriously. My husband doesn't even like mushrooms and he is excited to eat it again for supper tonight.

My little dude needs a hair cut. Actually my big dude does too.

I've been making tons of bags this week. I finish one person's order and I have another Facebook friend ask for one too. It's a good problem to have.

I'm quite excited to be testing an adorable tunic pattern for Rachael. And I finally decided what I am going to make for my Covert Robin. It is going to be amazing. Epic. Badass. (Now that I've said that, I hope you all think so. Well, I hope she does too!)

How have you been? How did your week go? Have you come up with a fabulous idea for your Covert Robin yet?

March 7, 2013

Covert Robin Help

Now that Covert Robin assignments have been emailed I have received quite a few questions about what to make for your Covert Robin. There are a good number of Covert Robins who do not have blogs to stalk, or pinterest boards to browse. Don't despair!

While we all want to make something super personal and super awesome, don't forget that there are somethings that *everyone* would love to get. Here are some tutorials for projects my co-hosts and I have written in the past that can help you. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us, too.

Rachael's Pellon Apron
Frippery Coasters
The Madeline Handbag
Raccoon Coffee Cozy
Nesting Boxes
Jane's Huggable star pillowsk
Placemat Pillows
Jane's 2012 Covert Robin Ikea Hack
Land of Nod inspired Feather Pillow
Text of the link
Changeable Chalkboard Bunting
Bubble Glasses and Plates
Hope for Haiti Apron
Gorgeous Table Runner
Fold-over Fabric Baskts
Courtney's Cloth Napkins
Adorable Tote Bag
Sew Well Maide's Half Hour Glasses Case
Half Hour Needlecase
Quilted Zipper Pouch
Summer Fun Tote Bag
Mustachoied Crocheted Mug Sweater
Felt Matryoshka Stuffed Dollies

March 1, 2013

Coffee talk

I'm starting something new here. Every Friday we're going to have coffee together. (Yeah, look at me. Committing to a regularly scheduled post. Crazy talk!) I am tired of so many people saying how all their friends are online, then in the same breath almost apologizing because they aren't real friends. Hi, they are real friends. We're friends, right? So you don't often talk back with me. Some might say you're my imaginary friends, but I can't imaging two hundred and five followers, right? Right? You are all just a bit quiet, I suppose.

So, go get a cup of coffee and let's chat. Let's get a bit personal.

I'm feeling pretty awesome today. How about you?

I skipped dinner with my family last night to study for a few hours before my three hour anatomy lecture. I hate missing dinner with my family. I think it is really important to have a meal together every day. Even if our kids are making a mess using utensils and spilling all over the place mats I made. I have a huge anatomy practical Saturday morning that I am nervous about. Like, I point to a little bump on a bone and you tell me what it's name is. And spell it right.

There are a lots of bumps and divots on the human skeleton.

I stress myself out over doing well in my classes. Days before exams I don't sleep well. My digestive tract is a mess. I always do this and can't help it. I over detail. I get worked up.

This morning I had a donut date with my kids. I love those little bugs and they get so damn excited to have a pink frosted donut with sprinkles. So damn excited.

We also joined a CSA of sorts that does meats, seafood, and grains in addition to veggies and fruit. Today I picked up our first basket. What am I supposed to do with a rutabaga? And how about pecans in their shells? (Don't say pecan pie. Two people should not eat a whole pie.)

I'm so happy to see the Yoda hats I made for Rachael and Kelly's Handmade for Newton Auction being received and worn by their new owners. Nothing like a grown adult man with a set of green Yoda ears on to make you smile.

I am stalking my mail woman for a package. Jimmy abused my laptop enough so that I had to back up all my files and have my awesome, IT husband re-install the OS. Meanwhile, I got myself a new Microsoft Surface, but it has no regular sized SD card reader. You know how hard it is to get pictures from your camera onto a computer telepathicly? So, soon I my USB card reader should be arriving. And I can have lots of pictures again.

Ayumi Takshashi's new book is on it's way too! I totally forgot I pre-ordered it months ago. I can't wait.

This happened. How am I supposed to give time outs if she just curls up and has a snooze? Sheesh.

Man, I feel like I've been doing all the talking here. What's new with you? And where did you get that cute shirt? It looks totally hot on you.