Made with Moxie: Menadering the Mind

May 10, 2012

Menadering the Mind

  • All I can handle are bullet points today. My kids have been sick all week and I haven't slept since last weekend. Truthfully I really haven't slept since 2008, but I was warned.
  • The Denyse Schmidt Charm Swap is full. Two rounds! I can't believe it. Thank you to Rachael for sending the link to Denyse Schmidt so she posted it on her Facebook page. I'll be honest. I was worried about filling up one.
  • I haven't sewn a damn fun thing in a week. I did make the kids new pants from tshirts in the 'donate' basket. I just can't see spending $10 on a pair of solid leggings of pants for J&J. I'm a cheap bastard like that. 
  • My weight loss diet has been going well. That is until Day Three of sick kids when I was puked on numerous times and said eff this and we ate a sausage pizza and cheesy jalapeno bread. After weeks of eating like an accidental, unintentional, almost vegetarian, that dinner killed me. Lesson learned.
  • Today I signed up for Rachel at Stitched in color's ::Handstitched:: classes. I don't know who I am fooling in thinking I have spare time. Will I ever stop trying to fit 15 pounds of shit in a 10 pound bag? (Where is the fun in that?)
  • None of the beans and pea I planted in our garden came up. Hi, school children can grow beans with paper towels and water. I'm so insulted. But I did buy more. And I am starting them inside this time; the grade school way.
  • Drive through Starbucks are a dangerous thing. It was a skinny carmel latte sort of a day. Heck, I need the caffeine and it was like a celebration for the face that I actually got all my orders done, packed and  shipped out.
  • I hate that my kiddos are sick, but I love that it means that all they want to do is snuggle me. Until I have to pee. And my legs have fallen asleep. 
  • I can't wait to post about the Mother's Day presents that I made, but that will have to wait until next week. Here are the cards: