Made with Moxie: Meet Andre (the Giant)

April 4, 2013

Meet Andre (the Giant)

Cassie at Elegantitus was my Covert Robin recipient. I wanted to make her something freaking awesome, but, you know, she's that kind of a girl. I wish I could remember exactly how the idea to make a Shepard Fairey inspired Andre the Giant mini quilt. But like all great ideas it just popped in. I mean, Andrea has a posse, and Cassie has a posse. I went with it.

I don't know what the name of this technique is. Or if it even has a name. I just made it up as I went and prayed it would come out as awesome as it was in my head. Print out an Andre the Giant poster on freezer paper. Cut out the bits you'd like and melt them onto your fabric. (Never iron images printed with a laser printer. Sigh.)

Cut 1/4" around your shapes. Baste the raw edges down, like hexagons, then press them. Remove basting, pin shapes in place, and hand stitch in place. After all that hand stitching, I was cursing Andre and wondering why the hell I chose to make such a complicated gift. But you know I can't just slap a plain old zipppy bag together and be happy with it.

Fuse some Fusible Fleece to your quilt top, add a backing fabric and binding then you're ready to roll. I put dowel corners in and a ribbon for hanging options.

I had tried Andre on for size, can you blame me? Then was sad I had to mail him away. Take good care of my baby, Cassie!