Made with Moxie: An Apron for Xavier

July 12, 2012

An Apron for Xavier

My sister-in-law requested an apron for my nephew, Xavier, who is the same age as Jane. A robot apron. The boy is nuts for robots. Lucky for him I had not one, but two robot fabrics so I made him a reversible apron.

I asked Jane if she would model X-man's apron for me.

Clearly, she was wowed by my raw, toddler apron making talent.

Jimmy, as always, was ready to ham it up. He can not yet stand on his own or I would have used him as my model. I told Jane we'd just take the apron off and call it a day. I almost lost my head.

I started to doubt my daughter's future as a blog model. Apparently all she needed was a good night's sleep. By this morning she had fully regained her awesomeness.

I give you, Reversible Robot Apron!

I can't wait to see the X-man in it. I hope he makes his Auntie some yummy pumpkin caramels this fall. ;)

P.S.- Have you been checking out the Shorts on the Line posts this week over at Small + Friendly? Next week I get to unveil the super sweet shorts pattern I made. Here is a sneak peek: