Made with Moxie: Sale fabric

August 1, 2012

Sale fabric

A week or so ago I went to JoAnn's to buy a pattern. It wasn't in stock but I can't go to JoAnn's and not look in the remnant bins or the clearance section. I found the softest cotton fabrics on sale for $3 a yard. There is no brand name on the selvedges or the bolts. Both patterns are so soft and lightweight, and heck, cheap, so I had to take some home.
First I made Jane and I shirred tops with elastic thread. I measured the bottoms of two shirred tops we already had and cut a rectangle of fabric that width. I hemmed the top of mine and both ends of Jane's.
I added a 4 inch strip of contrasting fabric to mine to make it hip length and just used the selvedge as a hem. Stitched and serged both side seams, then put in rows and rows of elastic bobbined stitching. Put in some basic straps and they are done. Super easy.

I took some long scraps, left the edges unfinished, then sewed quarter inch lines of stitching up and down with the elastic thread to make cuff bracelets.

I'm in love with tops and dresses made with elastic thread! So cute, so comfortable and easy. What's not to love?

I used the rest of the fabric to make us new pillow cases.
(Please note this is the first time I have made our bed in months. But I did it just for you. Oh, and to not look like a slob.)

I look forward to giving them a test run tonight!
(Ha, like she actually took a nap today.)

In fact, Little Miss I Can Do It Too, was watching me too closely this morning as I was trying on my top and pinning where I wanted my straps to be. Later when all was too quiet, I called her name. She proudly came out, proclaiming, "I'm doing pins too!"

Why is it that kids are attracted to every sharp, hot and dangerous thing? Sheesh! Just play with some fabric and scraps. Leave the damn pins, scissors, rotarty cutters, irons and hot glue guns ALONE!

Amazingly, no Dorsey was hurt during the making of these items. Wait. Is that a first?