Made with Moxie: Halloween costumes

September 17, 2012

Halloween costumes

Halloween is a big holiday at our house. We have so many costume ideas to just settle on one a year; we should probably celebrate Halloween once a month.

I thought Jane was young enough that I could still pick out her Halloween costume for her.

When I was pregnant with Jane, we were skeletons.

Her first Halloween she was Dorthy from the Wizard of Oz.

Last year she was R2D2.

This year she is was going to be Annie. I have the sweetest dress pattern and white tights for her to wear. She even has a pair of hand-me-down tap shoes with red ribbons.

This morning Operation Annie came to a crashing halt.

"I want to be a monster, Momma. A scary owl monster. Jimmy wants to be a monster, too. A pink one."

So we're heading to Joann's today for some patterns and fleece. My little princess is going to be a Scary Owl Monster. Jimmy, too. Probably not a pink monster though. I think it would be funny, but I'm certain my husband would kill me.