Made with Moxie: A year of Sewing Selfishly

January 29, 2013

A year of Sewing Selfishly

I've been on a sewing and making binge for the past four weeks ever since I finished the finals for my Statistics and Technical Writing classes. I planned a Star Wars/mustache baby shower for my sister in law and brother who are expecting their son in March, finished my super star quilt for Rachael and Kelley's Newton Auction, and then hit the New Year running.

My sewing resolution is that this year is going to be my year of Sewing Selfishly. I'm not sewing a damn thing for anyone who isn't myself, my family, or someone I have already spoken with regarding an order. I'm not doing swaps or bees. Nothing. Going back to school while raising two small kids takes up so much time and effort. Making is my love, my outlet, and when I only have a few spare minutes in my day it makes me sad to sew the things I 'have to' instead of what I want to. I have so many things I wanted to make last year for myself and family that never got touched. This is *my* year.

Made by Rae's Washi dress & tunic was top on my list. I love tunics and wearing crisp quilting cottons. And now that I don't have ginormous boobs I can need to make some cute, adorable tops for myself.

The Washi pattern is very clear and straight forward. Rae gives you more instructions, details and photographs than any commercial pattern even thinks about. I don't see why any beginner sticher couldn't tackle this. (Erin of Just Plain Lovely, I'm talking to you!)

I did add a few inches to the tunic length because I have a longer torso and like to discourage my son from dropping pennies in my butt crack while I am on the floor cutting out patterns. (True story.) Originally, I put the pockets in, but then after the fact I just stitched them closed and zipped them off with my serger since they added a bit too much poof over jeans. I also found the arm hole to sit a bit high so I altered that after the fact and changed my pattern print outs for future Washis. And there will be many more washis. I love it. (I may have it on again today.)
Rachael's Perfect Padfolio pattern was also hot on my Selfish Sewing To Do List. This pattern is also clear and well written. The Perfect Padfolio comes together easily and quickly, if you don't have two "helpers". It is an awesome organizer. I am using it for school to keep all of my shit together. Or to try and keep my shit together. You know how that is.

The pencil case I made using these instructions, except that I put a lining in too. I won't do that again while using laminate though. I have switched to using titanium needles since I snap regular needles all the time. I'm in love and *highly* recommend them. However, four layers of quilting cotton, four layers of fusible interfacing, four layers of laminate and a zipper are their breaking point. Never mind that I had been sewing with that needle since November. I have high expectations, what can I say?

I confess to already breaking my Selfish Sewing resolution and signed up to to Ros's Sew Delicous Sweet Pouch Swap. But it was not just an international pouch swap, and you know how I love Air Mail, but one with chocolate?!? Who could say no? Seriously, I stared at the sign up form multiple times before I just cut the crap and signed up already.

I made my partner's pouch with all black, grey and white fabrics. I don't know if I have ever sewn anything with no color before. It was kind of cool to step out of that box.

I mailed my pouch out to New Zealand today. I apologize to my partner for the false advertising of this picture; I ate the Butterfinger in a moment of chocolate induced weakness. So sue me.