Made with Moxie: Merrily We Sew Along: Improv Nesting boxes

February 22, 2013

Merrily We Sew Along: Improv Nesting boxes

Do you guys have a copy of this book yet?

Nicole Blum and Debra Immergut have written this awesome book, Improv Sewing: A Freeform Approach to Creative Sewing. Anyone who sews and need to practice being more improv about their projects should check this book out. Stop following the rules and patterns and make something unique. You will have to be okay with coloring outside of the lines. It is liberating.

My buddies, Kelley and Rachael, have organized Merrily We Sew Along, so you know I want to do the projects and sew along too. Project #3 is a set of canvas nesting boxes.

In true Moxie/Improv fashion my boxes are flannel, not canvas, and I didn't bother to follow the size measurements for the boxes either.
Instead I did this is what I did: I fused two pieces of flannel together using Pellon's Wonder-Under.

I machine stitched along the top edged then serged those puppies too. This set is in my bathroom drawer holding a variety of ponytail holders, bobby pins and other clips.

The very best part of these projects is that they can be as involved and ornate, or simple, wham bam thank you ma'am as you want them to be. I'm taking Physics and Anatomy this semester and have just about negative time to sew and make. Which drives me nuts, but I had an itch and made these pretty little boxes in less than an hour.
Creative itch soothed, fabric scraps used, bathroom drawer a bit more organized. That's a Win-Win-Win.

In an alternative universe I make a perfectly measured set for my silverware drawer because the tray in there doesn't have the right number of compartments and it makes my voices upset. Maybe this summer when I am not taking classes.

Want to Merrily We Sew Along with us? Got a creative itch that needs to be scratched?