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April 5, 2013


Well, good morning! Glad you see you could make it. Really, you're surprised to see me here so early, I bet. My husband woke me up early this morning as he went to work so I've been up and atom for a while. Want some corn bread? I made it myself (with a box of Trader Joe's corn bread mix and some extra corn.) It's still quite yummy.

So, hod have you been? How was Easter last weekend? I had a great one, except for the six hour drives, but hey, it's what you do to see family. And it was really really good to see everyone.

How sweet is this little dude?!?! Don't you just want to eat up those cheeks? I so did. All weekend long. Every Dorsey couldn't wait to hold him and love on him. Jane was head over heels and Jimmy petted his head and kissed him so many times. It almost makes you want another. But then I look at my already stretched out belly and think about sleeping through the night and I change my mind fast.

This year was the first year that Jane colored Easter eggs with us. She did one, got the bug, then proceeded to color half the dozen. A girl after her mom's heart. She'll probably want to sell them on Etsy next year.

My parents and I make Pysanky Easter Eggs. It is a ax resist method. You draw a design on that you want to stay white, then color it a light color. Then wax the design you want to stay that color and then dye it the next darker color. And on and on until you are done. Then melt the wax off and ta da! The stupid Paas egg colors are terrible to work with. Any one else thing they have gotten crappier over the years. My mom has some amazing dyes for pysanky, but they render the egg inside poisonous. Technicalities.

Here is the *one* egg I got to make.

Spring Break has been nice, but I am *so* ready to go back to class. The sooner I get this done with the sooner I get to go to Hawaii on my honeymoon!

Oh! And speaking of Friday, I just got a message from Erin at Pellon that my fabulous Moxie Mustache on a Stick tutorial is up! Woot! You can download the instructions, photos and template here, for free!

Also, do swing by Go Make Shit and check out the Staple Dress I made with April Rhodes' new pattern.

Well, I better get my ass in gear. There are cheerios and milk to clean up and orders to be sewn and, oh yeah, homework to be done!

Have a great weekend and Go Make Shit!

They were kind of excited. Can you tell?