Made with Moxie: Proud as a peacock

May 15, 2013

Proud as a peacock

I'm done! It's officially my summer. Physics and Anatomy finals are complete and I am super proud to report that I kicked major ass. I got A's in both classes, too! Not just the 89.9% rounded up kind, the almost perfect scores kind. Plus, I still have what little is left of my sanity, and both kids are alive and healthy. My house could use a good cleaning since any free time was spent sewing to release stress, but my mother and mother in law aren't visiting for a while, so it's all good, right?

Made with Moxie: Washi dress pattern with peasant sleeves.

Now that I have cleared the finish line for school, it means I can focus on one thing: HAWAII! My husband and I got married two and a half years ago, but delayed taking a honeymoon because Jane was only one and I was pregnant with Jimmy. (Long story there. Some other day though.)

Tomorrow we're flying the kids to my in laws and then we're off! We couldn't have planned this trip at a better time. Seriously. We both need it. Between my trying to do school work all day with the kids (and maybe some sewing) then school at night and on weekends while my husband plays the single dad at night has been a handful. I miss my husband. I look forward to adventuring with him, plus getting to be newlyweds!

Made with Moxie: Washi dress pattern with peasant sleeves.

To celebrate my freedom from school, I had to make something selfish. I've been bogged down memorizing muscles and calculating the period of waves too much. Faaaaaaaabric! Pretty faaabric! Luckily I had pre-washed this stretch shirting I bought in California months ago and I could just Washi it right up!

You'll probably notice that the sleeves are different. Here's how I made peasant sleeves. Print out the Washi sleeve pattern piece, cut the length off so that it is about 3" long under the armpit. When you pin the pattern piece to your fabric, pin it so it is 1/2" away from the fold. This adds enough extra for a bit of pouf. Then gather and attach the sleeve the way Rae tells you to.

I'm seriously in love with this pattern. When I get home I need to buckle down and sew myself a bunch of these dresses so I can be comfortable in our metro DC heat and humidity. Right after I prepare the release of the Prefontaine Shorts pattern, of course! I won't leave you hanging. And yeah, I will be working on the pattern on my honeymoon, but this is what I love to do so it never feels like work. Plus, I couldn't figure out a sewing project to bring with me.

Made with Moxie: Washi dress pattern with peasant sleeves.

While I am living it up in the Aloha state, some buddies of mine are going to be here sharing some of their sweet tutorials with you; everything from quilting to kid crafts. Enjoy and try not to think of me chilling on the beach and browsing the flea markets of Hawaii. (I'm seriously going to have to ship things home!)

Thank you all for being here. I always love your comments. They make my day. It's good to know I'm not the only nutter out there. :)