Made with Moxie: I'm a Tough Mudder!

October 28, 2013

I'm a Tough Mudder!

On Saturday, October 19th, I did it! I finished the Tough Mudder! You may have read earlier this month about how and why I trained for the Mudder, and I'm happy to report that I have achieved my goal and finished. I promised to share some pictures with you. I apologize for the quality, but they were either from my phone, which was the only camera I brought along, or from spectator photos.

Hubby and I before the Mid-Atlantic Tough Mudder 2013 || Made with Moxie
My husband and I before the Mudder

Sliding down a hill into a mud put on the Mud Mile during the Mid-Atlantic Tough Mudder 2013 || Made with Moxie
Sliding down a hill during the Mud Mile into a pit of mud

Pre-washing the mud off after the Mid-Atlantic Tough Mudder 2013 || Made with Moxie
Soaking the caked mud off before the washing machine.

Why you should wear long sleeves during the Mid-Atlantic Tough Mudder 2013 || Made with Moxie
Turns out, you should wear long sleeves when you will be army crawling through mud and gravel at multiple time during the day.

Over 10 miles of mud, ice water, climbing, jumping, electrocution, have helped me to know the ends of my physical capabilities and fears. It was an amazing day with awesome obstacles. It tested my abilities and mental resolve like nothing else. The 30 hours of childbirth I experienced with each of my kiddos wase easier than this. No joke.

Will I do it again? Not likely. I proved what I set out to do, but I'd love to do another obstacle race again. Just a much shorter one.

Did I have fun? Hell, yes. It was very fun. It was awesome to do with with my husband, and with our friends. It gave me a renewed optimism in humanity as complete strangers helped me and everyone else out when they needed it. Training for and completing the Tough Mudder was a humbling and inspiring experience. I may have cried crossing the finish line.

Myself as a Tough Mudder: Mid-Atlantic Tough Mudder 2013 || Made with Moxie
Me in my hard won Orange Headband!

Oh my gosh! I almost completely forgot! I need to give you all a HUGEMONGUS THANK YOU for everyone who donated to my Wounded Warrior Project fund as part of my Tough Mudder run. Together we raised $1,190, which will be matched by my team sponsor, Microsoft, to become $2,380 for the Wounded Warrior Project. Our Microsoft Team was the top fund raiser at the Mid Atlantic Tough Mudder that weekend, raising over $23,000. You guys are so freakin awesome. Many, many thanks.