Made with Moxie: Handstitched hoodie class project

September 7, 2012

Handstitched hoodie class project

This summer I signed up for Handstitched class. I love to do handstitching, which is horrible because life leaves me terribly short on time these days. The class had 20+ projects at part of it. I finally finished one of them.
It may have taken me forever, but I'm in love with my new hoodie. Well, new/old hoodie, since the hoodie was one I have had for a few years, but it's totally new now. I really love the technique used to make the design too. I'd love to make more hoodies. Very, very slowly. Once I finish my 101 UFOs (Un-Finished Objects)
Speaking of less and less time. I've started taking my prerequisites at the local community college in order to go back to school. As if life taking care of a two and a half year old and a one year old wasn't nutso enough. If I can keep fitting fifteen pounds of shit in a ten pound bag, why not try to fit twenty in, eh?
Classes do severely limit my sewing time, which drives me bonkers! Making keeps me sane, you know? But I just keep reminding myself that these classes will lead me to a new career;one that pays a whole lot more than being a stay at home mom. Which means I can buy a whole lot more fabric quilt free.

Think of the fabric, Jill. Think of the fabric!

PS- Yes, I have curlers in my hair. Hey, it's Friday night and I've got a date tonight with my husband. And our kids. And my in-laws. But it still counts, so I'm making it count.