Made with Moxie: My Sweet Swap Pouch is HERE!

January 31, 2013

My Sweet Swap Pouch is HERE!

It's a terribly blustery day here. Blustery, like the neighbor's tree blew over. Blustery, like I don't really want to go outside again.

But then I saw that the mail had been delivered. And you know how much I *love* mail. Little man and I ran down the drive and back since I was too lazy to put on shoes or a coat. It was only up on the porch that I realized I had gotten a package. A package! From Cork, Ireland! International mail! It's contents could have been poop and I would still have been excited.

But it wasn't poop! It was my Sweet Pouch Swap! Hot damn! Chocolate and homemade goodies = heaven. Just look!

My swap partner is, Siubhan, from Craft Lee. You pronounce it "shove-on". (I had to stalk her back to find that out.) Siubahn sent the sweetest note with my new pouch and chocolates *and* some awesome skull fabric too!

It's silly to because she apologized for the zipper and the size of the pouch and I love them both. It is the essence of handmade. It has character and I love, love, love it. If everyone loved perfect bags and pouches we'd do a sweatshop swap. I'm in love, Siubhan. Thank you so much!

I also owe a hige thank you to Siubhan and everyone else who voted for my blog in the Circle of Moms: Top 25 Creative Blogs. I made it!

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go back to dancing and skipping about the house. Mail! From Cork! Woot!

(Made my day, in case you didn't notice.)


  1. What a great gift! And CONGRATULATIONS on the recognition!!! :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Sarah ! & Im so happy Jill likes it too! x

  3. Awesome!! Mail from Ireland - exciting! Totally gorgeous pouch, nice one Siubhan :)It is so fun seeing the pics of them arriving.

  4. so pretty! did everyone quilt there's?

  5.'s so fun seeing them starting to arrive,,,cute pouch too and that flower is gorgeous !!! Keep dancin !!

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  7. Ha! I know what you mean. I got a package from Canada recently with a bee block. International mail, woot! So exotic. Also a lady from my church group broght over a Christmas present for me and said, "I hope you like it. " I said of course I'll love it, it's a present for Me!

  8. I got mail today, too. :) it's made my otherwise stressful day utterly delightful! Handcrafted mail is the BEST.

  9. I got mail today, too. :) it's made my otherwise stressful day utterly delightful! Handcrafted mail is the BEST.

  10. Hey Jill you are so, so very welcome and thank you for being so nice about my sewing ! I'm delighted the pouch arrived in one piece & hope there's some little bit of chocolate left today !!! ( the most difficult part wasn't making the pouch it was not eating all the sweets before I found an envelope !!) now back to stalking my own postman .... Where's My pouch & where will it come from I wonder !!! Well done on your award & looking forward to staying in touch !
    Siubhán x x x


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