Made with Moxie: UnMaking

January 30, 2013


Some days aren't about making.
Lord knows, I tried to today.

UnMaking | Moxie Motherhood

Jimmy unraveled the Yoda hat I am working on.
Jane colored my Anatomy flash cards with a highlighter.

UnMaking | Moxie Motherhood

Together, we assembled a Cozy Coupe.
It only involved four time outs.

UnMaking | Moxie Motherhood

Jimmy put the claw side of my hammer into the hardwood floor.
I made macaroni and cheese. With ham.

UnMaking | Moxie Motherhood

My patience is worn.
I'm having a beer.

UnMaking | Moxie Motherhood

Physics class starts in two hours.
Tomorrow is another day.

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  1. Oh no! I really feel for you. The bit about 4 time outs made me giggle though! By the way, I'm Helen and i've been reading your blog by email for a good few months now! Never fails to make me smile. Hope your day gets a little better with the beer xx


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