Made with Moxie: Coffee talk

March 1, 2013

Coffee talk

I'm starting something new here. Every Friday we're going to have coffee together. (Yeah, look at me. Committing to a regularly scheduled post. Crazy talk!) I am tired of so many people saying how all their friends are online, then in the same breath almost apologizing because they aren't real friends. Hi, they are real friends. We're friends, right? So you don't often talk back with me. Some might say you're my imaginary friends, but I can't imaging two hundred and five followers, right? Right? You are all just a bit quiet, I suppose.

So, go get a cup of coffee and let's chat. Let's get a bit personal.

I'm feeling pretty awesome today. How about you?

I skipped dinner with my family last night to study for a few hours before my three hour anatomy lecture. I hate missing dinner with my family. I think it is really important to have a meal together every day. Even if our kids are making a mess using utensils and spilling all over the place mats I made. I have a huge anatomy practical Saturday morning that I am nervous about. Like, I point to a little bump on a bone and you tell me what it's name is. And spell it right.

There are a lots of bumps and divots on the human skeleton.

I stress myself out over doing well in my classes. Days before exams I don't sleep well. My digestive tract is a mess. I always do this and can't help it. I over detail. I get worked up.

This morning I had a donut date with my kids. I love those little bugs and they get so damn excited to have a pink frosted donut with sprinkles. So damn excited.

We also joined a CSA of sorts that does meats, seafood, and grains in addition to veggies and fruit. Today I picked up our first basket. What am I supposed to do with a rutabaga? And how about pecans in their shells? (Don't say pecan pie. Two people should not eat a whole pie.)

I'm so happy to see the Yoda hats I made for Rachael and Kelly's Handmade for Newton Auction being received and worn by their new owners. Nothing like a grown adult man with a set of green Yoda ears on to make you smile.

I am stalking my mail woman for a package. Jimmy abused my laptop enough so that I had to back up all my files and have my awesome, IT husband re-install the OS. Meanwhile, I got myself a new Microsoft Surface, but it has no regular sized SD card reader. You know how hard it is to get pictures from your camera onto a computer telepathicly? So, soon I my USB card reader should be arriving. And I can have lots of pictures again.

Ayumi Takshashi's new book is on it's way too! I totally forgot I pre-ordered it months ago. I can't wait.

This happened. How am I supposed to give time outs if she just curls up and has a snooze? Sheesh.

Man, I feel like I've been doing all the talking here. What's new with you? And where did you get that cute shirt? It looks totally hot on you.