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March 29, 2013


I had a playdate this morning. Sorry you missed it. Next time get your lazy butt out of bed. Sheesh, I made the coffee even.

We had snow this week. For the first time in about three years is was more than an inch. We seized the morning, layered up and bounded about.

I had two very cold, very wet, and very happy kiddos. The watched their snowman the rest of the day. Sadly, he did not dance. But he did fall over. They've been watching him melt.

Tonight we're driving to New York to visit my family for Easter and meet my new nephew. I still need to pack. And go to the post office. And pick up my CSA. No big deal. Same shit, different day.

My head kind of hurts. I think I need to switch to water. I'd really like to curl up right now on my husband's chest and take a nap. It just feels like that kind of an afternoon.

I did manage to finish and pack my Covert Robin gift this week (hence the trip to the post office.) I also finished my Staple Dress this week. I'll be featuring it over at the new blog, Go Make Shit, next week after I take pictures of it. I freaking love it. Plus, I did something I've never tried before and it came out awesome. In my opinion. You can be the judge.

Well, I'd better get my ass into gear. I promised my husband I would pack up his Covert Robin gift. What's that you say? Yeah, he signed up to do the Covert Robin too. I'll share what he made next week too. It's pretty freaking awesome.

Happy jellly beans, peeps and hollow chocolate rabbits!