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August 9, 2013

Prefontaine World Tour: Sew Chibi

When the gorgeous Kat of Sew Chibi sets out to sew something she gives it 300%. Every year for their birthdays, Kat sews each of her daughters a dress. These are no ordinary dresses. If you missed the latest birthday dress, it had the most amazing fabric, handmade glitter buttons and toy pockets, but best of all she basted candy in to it *and* it has a glitter gel play mat sewn into it! Yeah. Do not challenge Kat to a sew off. You will not win.


Kat takes inspiration and makes it into real life. When her daughter wanted to be Rainbow Dash, Kat made her this off the chartsMy Little Pony dress. Kat took her favorite painting by her father, Len Chmiel, and transformed it into this wearable piece of art. I don't think she could ever just slap something together. It's all Kat or nothing, as it should be. I admire that so much.

Once Kat was on the World Tour, I told her to go nuts with the pattern. The thing is, there is a normal level of nuts and there is Sew Chibi level of nuts. Folks, today you get Sew Chibi Nuts. I freaking love it. These Prefontaine Shorts are unbelievable.

And now get on over to Sew Chibi and see a pretty little unicorn shit glittery rainbows! And happy freakin Friday!


Don't forget! We've got a double header today with Susan of Living with Punks!

Want to make Prefontaine Shorts of your own?

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