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August 5, 2013

Prefontaine World Tour: Sew Delicious

Today's second spot on the Prefontaine World Tour is in Austrailia with Roslyn of Sew Delicious. I met Ros just over a year ago when she was my Covert Robin partner. Since then Ros and I have developed a good friendship. We have skype calls to help each other out with sewing conundrums. Did you know Ros is a time traveler? She is so nice as send me posts to let me know how Friday is going on Thursday nights!**


Ros sells the cutest baby bibs and nappy wet bags in herSew Delicious Shop. Her blog is chock full of amazing tutorials from bathing suits for your kiddos to sewing machine covers. If ever had difficulty putting together a zippy pouch, her blog is the one to check out. She has mastered putting zippers in so they lay flat. And I'm going to just assume you all love chocolate and zippy bags, so you MUST sign up for next round of the Sweet Pouch Swap that she started.

I am really excited to share the Prefontaine Shorts that Ros made with you. Okay, fine, I'm excited to share them all, but I'm super, extra excited because Ros made her shorts exactly as I envisioned them; completely from clothes in the To Donate pile! You all have one of those right? Mine is full of clothes that don't fit anymore, shirts that got a stain on them, and stupid tshirts that were giveaways. Do not give those tshirts away! Those are the most perfect trim for your Prefontaine Shorts.

So hurry on over to Sew Delicious and see the Prefontaine Shorts Roslyn has sewn up that cost her nothing!


We're having a double header today! Did you see the mother/daughter Prefontaine Shorts that Celina at Petit a Petit & family has made for today too?
Want to make Prefontaine Shorts of your own?

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Thanks for sticking around! This week has some really amazing shorts coming.

** Note: Roslyn is not a time traveled really. She is just in a time zone almost 12 hours ahead of me. It's still fun though.