Made with Moxie: Blog, breakfast, then some burns?

June 16, 2011

Blog, breakfast, then some burns?

In an effort to promote my new Etsy shop ( I've been debating starting a new blog. I signed up to do an email newsletter, but have had very little response, and hell, I hate too many emails in my inbox too. So email newsletter goes on hold. And I decided I can stop procrastinating on making a new blog because I don't really need one. I'm just going to use the one I already have but have not been using so much recently.

Today's order production agenda is feather gluing. I have a headband to make as well as a peacock feather pad to make for a special order flapper newsboy hat. Hot glue and toddlers don't mix as well as other crafting does so I have to wait for Jane to nap.
All set up and ready to go.

Lucky for me, Jane asks to color. "Coloring? Coloring?" This means I have time to make myself a hot breakfast which is a rarity. Time and ingredients, but today I have both. WIN.

Jane has taken an intense focus on holding markers and pens like adults do. It's adorable how she'll spend a minute or two getting the marker exactly how she wants it in her hand. And every parents should have Crayola Color Wonder markers. They only color in the coloring book. Not on the tray, the table, the wall, etc. I'd like to kiss the inventor of these.

I boil water for some french pressed coffee. Toast an english muffin to perfection (just barely browning) and spread with cream cheese. Two eggs over very easy so as to cook the gross snotty whites but not the yolks and topped with cheddar cheese.

Plated on my new birthday present polka dot plate and mug. Oh man, it was so good. Tomorrow when I'm having cold cereal it will just feel sad in comparison.

As I'm polishing breakfast off Jane is giving me her universal signs for "I'm getting tired"; she's put her noni in her mouth and is petting her hair like it's the softest thing in the world. (And it really is.)

I'm tossing my dirty dishes in the sink, ignoring the clean, full dishwasher and taking the sleepy one upstairs for her nap. Spread out the latest load of laundry to dry then I'm on my way to the office, aka dining room table to do some crafting. I hope to not burn myself, but history repeats itself, so I'll just hope for a teentsy burn instead of an "oh crap, I put my entire finger in that fresh glop of hot glue then stared at it a while before wiping it off" kind of burn.

I can't wait until we're moved into our new house next month. Then I get to have a real office for crafting and business. And our family can have the dining room table back.

Topping off my coffee, then it's off to the glue gun for me!