Made with Moxie: Like a well oiled machine

June 21, 2011

Like a well oiled machine

Last week my sewing machine started squeaking. I of course ignored it. Until it got to the point of being really loud. I was trying to just finish an order and be done with it. Danny was home at the time and commented that it didn't sound good. And I should stop least I break my machine. Begrudgingly, I did.

All weekend I looked at my sewing machine on the table;knowing it needed oiling and not wanting to do it. Can't it just be magically done? Ugh. On Sunday I finally got out the tools, a brush to clean out lint (which I regularly do) and the mineral oil. Yeah, I don't have sewing machine oil. If my machine came with any it's long gone. And gone in a 'I lost it' sort of way, not an 'I used it all up' sort of way.

I've never oiled my sewing machine. My current machine is a Kenmore. It is the only sewing machine I've ever had new. I don't remember exactly when I got it, but I'm fairly certain I was still at the University of Rhode Island. Looking down at the date on my computer (because the older I get the more I can't remember what year it is,) I graduated from college ten years ago. Holy crap. I just did that math. Now not only am I feeling old, but I'm feeling really irresponsible for not oiling my sewing machine for 10 years.

My machine is apparently the last one Kenmore made without a computer in it. Which is fine by me. When they started talking about how in the future our houses would be run on a computer it just freaked me out. I was going to be the person trapped in my house because I couldn't get the windows open. Because my sewing machine is older, I couldn't find the exact manual for it, but found one close enough.

An hour later, after some foot stomping, Danny making me walk away and take a break, then Danny helping me. My machine was back together and squeak free. Sure there two extra screws. One of which I know where it goes, but it fell into the machine and won't come out. The other screw fell out of my machine while I was oiling it and I have no idea where it goes, but everything seems to be working just fine, so it's like my machine is more efficient without it, right?

Yesterday was the first day I did some serious sewing of orders. And I have to say, I'm a bit wowed. My sewing machine is a happy lady. She's sewing so smoothly. She's quiet and fast and not causing too many problems. And I'm struck to finally, really understand the idiom of 'working like a well oiled machine.' If you've never oiled your sewing machine, break out the manual (or the internet) and do it. You will be very pleased.

On a side note, I just mailed a custom Jack of All Trades Tool Roll. I'm excited because I've gotten a good response to them and have many custom requests. I can make them taller, longer, add more pockets, change the sizing of the pockets, and even added a pocket that snaps for smaller items. I'm excited my Tool Rolls are being used by graphic designers, wedding planners, crochet artists, and medical students so far!

If you have custom requests, please let me know.

If you've read this far, please leave me a comment. Tell me a time you 'fixed' something yourself. (I once took apart my bike to spray paint it and make it 'new.' It took me three days to put it back together. And it rained in the meantime, so I brought it all in the kitchen to keep working on. My ex-husband was not pleased I wouldn't let him help me. And I did have an extra screw leftover then too.)