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February 9, 2012

Do what you do best

I spent yesterday afternoon trying to customize the ole blog here. As you can see that did not happen. My husband taught me some html but it is like trying riding a bike with just one leg. Ok, I'm being dramatic. I really just don't have the time or patience to learn it. I even found a good template generator, but I am not sure how many pixels wide to make the outline around the footer and is it black, white, transparent, pink, green....and what the heck is the footer? I get bogged down in the options. Instead Hubby agreed to do the grunt work for me. And I decided that I will make my header. By hand. With fabric and a needle and thread. Why dabble in a media I don't know when I can do what I am best at?

Being a stay at home parent isn't easy. It does, however, allow me a front row seat to their development. For that I am grateful. These two are so in love with each other. They're each so awesome on their own, but put them together and KAPOW, awesome sauce!
If I had kids, I always wanted more than one. Siblings are the best playmates, but I didn't know my kids would have such a love affair.
Don't you just want to eat these toes?
Hope ya'll have a great weekend! I'm looking forward to doing a whole lot of nothing at home. :)