Made with Moxie

February 22, 2012

I've finished the top of my quilt for the Modern Mini Quilt competition.

Can you tell it is gorgeous out today? Yep, 60 degrees. While I was outside I also took a better picture of the pillow I made a few weeks ago.

All of the books are unpacked and on their shelves. The fabric I used to back them I found in the red tag section at JoAnn's. It was made for Crate and Barrel.

When the kiddos are awake and I can't sew I'm slowly setting up the studio.
Is that a 10" Dobsonian telescope or are you just happy to see me?

I'm off to find a thimble. I've decided the best way to quilt my Modern Mini is by hand and I can't find a thimble if my life depended on it. It may just have to wait for tomorrow as tonight is poker night! I hope I win. Then I have more money saved for this!