Made with Moxie: Today I lost my lunch

April 11, 2012

Today I lost my lunch

No, I didn't puke. And no, I am not pregnant.

Late this morning both kids were playing nicely together amid a mound of Duplos, so I decided to make myself a nice salad for lunch and take the rare opportunity to eat a meal with out kids on my lap or being fed. Just as I sat down to eat, my daughter came over and asked what I was eating. I felt safe in telling her it was salad since she usually will only eat carrots or cukes raw. Nope. Not today. "I try some salad?"
I thought for sure with the tahini dressing, yellow peppers and flax seeds she would hate it. Nope. Chica plopped herself down on my lap and proceeded to allow me to feed her all of my salad. Then she asked me to make her one of her own. Sheesh. I can't win.
Of course Little Man was not to be left out.

Both of my kids seem to be stuck in a phase. Phases that are rather unfortunate for a momma to be occurring simultaneously. They usually only last a short while before morphing into something else and providing some relief. These however seem to be here for a bit. I can't seem to find my groove and each day I gain a deeper understanding of why my own stay at home mother used to tell my father she was going to run away and join the circus.

Today's mail brought a package from Australia, which could only be my Covert Robin gift!k My Covert Robin was Roslyn from Sew Delicious. You must check out her tutorials. Her Peggy skirt is so Mad Men awesome and next time I am in Long Beach I plan to scoop up some oil cloth and make her cute toiletries bags.
Ros will be guest posting here on my blog so you can say howdy. She can tell you all about how she made my awesome gifts. I am totally in love! The selvedge pouch is awesome and is the perfect size for me to carry my wallet, keys and phone in. And an adorable lining to boot!
Bonus: There were chocolates inside that my kids wolfed down.
How freaking awesome is the pin on my bag too! Ros stitched me a Made with Moxie logo pin. The bag has the coolest retro cherry lining and hot pink stitching. Man, Ros did a great job. Don't you think?