Made with Moxie: Do you want to win???

May 23, 2012

Do you want to win???

Check your Blogger Profile now! You may be a "no-reply blogger and not even realize it!

Usually, when you leave a comment on someone's blog, that person is sent an email with your comment. Google/Blogger makes is so all I have to do is reply to that email and it is sent directly to you through your email. However, if you are a "no-reply" blogger, I get an email with your comment, but because your profile is set up to not share your email address, I can never email you back. Which is super important if, say, you win my contest or I want to tell you thank you.

Here is how to fix it:
Go to and log into your dashboard. In the upper right hand corner there is a drop down menu with your user name. In that menu, click on "Blogger profile." This will open a new tab.

In the top right hand corner of that screen, click "Edit Profile." Check the box next to "Show my email address." I know; it sounds scary. It sounds like the equivalent of "Show my back account number" or "Show that picture of me that night I got so drunk I flashed the whole bar." Trust me. It isn't. it doesn't even post your email address on your Blogger profile. It just makes it so people can click "Email me" and send you messages. Like to tell you that you won my giveaway.

Now go! Check your blogger profile and fix your email settings. You may think it's not you, but it is. My own mother and husband were "no-reply" bloggers! As well as cousins, high school friends, secret mommy group friends, etc.
The internet is not as scary as you thought. :)