Made with Moxie: Kimono Dress

June 15, 2012

Kimono Dress

I've been intending to make a kimono dress from this knit fabric for a few months. This style of dress is so easy to wear and comfortable. The solid black one I got at Target is taking a beating. So today I took the scissors to the stash! (gulp)

The whole project went much better than expected. And by that I mean that I ended up with a garment that is not only wearable in public, but cute. I have never sewn with elastic thread in the bobbin before. Also, I didn't use a pattern. I kind of just winged it and used my black dress as a guide.

If I had the time and no kids, I would have done a cute little photoshoot of me in an orchard picking peaches or riding my rustic bike down a dirt road next to a lavender field.

Instead you get little ole me next to the neighbor's fence. I'd really like to find a sweet dress form someday to avoid having to post pictures like this again so I can better photograph the dress itself.