Made with Moxie: Reversible Vintage Baby Bonnet

June 27, 2012

Reversible Vintage Baby Bonnet

I'm back from my week in California. My mother in law is doing swimmingly well considering she had her chest and heart opened up just recently. She looks so fabulous I accused her of having cosmetic surgery instead. Honestly, I am so very glad she is doing well. It is much too scary to think about potentially losing the important people in our lives and she means the world to me. You all should be jealous. Not only is my mother in law super awesome but she sews too! We enable each other.

The weather in California is too damn nice. Especially when compared to Maryland's hot and humid ones. If it weren't for a lack of room I would have just had my things sent out to me. I could totally be a West Coast girl, right?

While I was away I was commissioned by my friend, Stephanie, to sew her newest baby girl a reversible bonnet that had a vintage feel for it and that is what I tackled first thing this week. Please note that the bonnet is a 3-6 month size but my Jimmy is 10 months old and large headed. (Ten months?!? Really? Yikes!)

My husband was not too happy I used his son to model baby girl bonnets. I told him that Jimmy hated it the whole time...

I wonder if it is possible to make one manly enough that the hubs would let Jimmy wear it?