Made with Moxie: Prefontaine World Tour: Buzzmills

August 6, 2013

Prefontaine World Tour: Buzzmills

Today's stop on the World Tour is Jane from Buzzmills I have had the pleasure of hanging out with Jane and her family, who are not only lovely, but fellow nerds like my family. Jane is an amazing crafter, stitcher and mother. She is the mother I wish I had the patience to be. She is the Fairy Godmother of kid crafts. Give her some sticks, tissue paper and a handful of pipe cleaners and she can think up 101 thinks to make and do with the kiddos.


Jane's kids are outfitted in the most awesome clothes too. Seriously, you should go check out her KCW sewing. The fabrics and colors she chooses are so whimsical and fun. The patterns she uses are functional for kid's play, but full of awesomeness, like loads of treasure pockets and appliqued squirrels. I want to be rich and hire Jane to make all of my clothes.

Since Jane is my buddy and a great stitcher, she was a Prefontaine Tester. In fact, her kiddos loved the Prefontaines so much, the shorts she swewed up for the World Tour are her fifth pair! That's love. This picture below are two of my favorite pairs. Jane upcycled a beach towel into swimming lesson shorts. How cool is that?

So hurry on over to Buzzills and see the fifth pair of Prefontaine Shorts that Jane has stitched up!


Want to make Prefontaine Shorts of your own?

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Tomorrow we get to see what Jenny at the The Southern Insititute has sewn up with her Prefontaine pattern.