Made with Moxie: Prefontaine World Tour: Max California

August 8, 2013

Prefontaine World Tour: Max California

Today's first stop of two on the Prefontaine World Tour is with Ari of Max California. I am totally stoked to have Ari on the tour. I didn't ask her at first because I thought, why would someone in Australia want to make shorts now since it is winter? Turns out she was dying to be in! How flattering! Did you know that Ari is the winner of Season 6 of Project Run & Play. Hello? I've got a PR&P winner sewing on the Tour! (swoons)


Never mind all the fortune and fame of being a PR&P winner, I love love love Ari for her freakin awesome style. A) She loves Star Wars. B) She's a mega nerd. C) Tattoos and funky hair. D)She *knows* fashion, with technical skill. E)She loves Adam West. F)She's raising her kids to be freaking awesome. F)She's hot. She's sweet as hell. Most importantly, she dares to be different and is so true to herself. Need I go on? Because I could, but Ari might call the police on me as a stalker.

When Ari started working on a plan for her Prefontaine Shorts, she began by researching who Steve Prefontaine was. Oh? You didn't know Prefontaine was a person? Not just a word I made up. He is a super rad person, an amazing athlete and an All American Badass. Plus, he has some great quotes, too. This is my favorite:

"To give anything less than your best, is to sacrifice the gift."

Ari's sewing rings true to this sentiment. Girl gives it her all. And I love that. Blood, sweat and tears, baby. That boy has got a great runner's form already!

Now get on over to Max California and see her son, Vincent modeling his hot new Prefontaines.


Don't forget! We've got a double header today with Toni of Sew Jereli!

Want to make Prefontaine Shorts of your own?

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