Made with Moxie: Perfect Pattern Parcel #1 is here!

March 7, 2014

Perfect Pattern Parcel #1 is here!

I come to you now like a marathon runner crossed a finish line. Exhausted, dirty, tired. Only to realize that this line is yet another starting line. After months of work, I am so so proud to reveal to you... Perfect Pattern Parcel #1.

Perfect Pattern Parcel

Pattern Parcel #1 includes:
The Skater Dress by Kitschycoo
Dandelion Dress & Top by Seamster Patterns
(formerly known as Disparate Disciplines)

Summer Concert Tee by Dixie DIY
Ava Dress & Blouse by Victory Patterns
Accordion Bag by Sew Sweetness

At Perfect Pattern Parcel, we believe in supporting independent pattern designers. Independent designers create patterns that are innovative, imaginative and in line with current style trends. It’s our opinion that indie patterns are just, well, better than big box patterns, and we’re pretty sure you, our customers, think so too. So, we’re going to things a little bit different. We're going to allow you to show your support for independent designers in naming your price for Pattern Parcel #1.

That’s right. You read that correctly.

We’re going to let our customers name their own price.

True story.

You will also have the chance to contribute a portion of your Pattern Parcel price to the charity Donors Choose, an amazing organization that matches up the needs of teachers and their students for specific projects with willing donors. The funds raised from each Pattern Parcel sale will go to help K-12 students in minimizing educational inequality and encourage a community where children have the tools and experiences necessary for an excellent education.

And now, before you head over to the Perfect Pattern Parcel #1 site to see all that we have been working on for the past few months, I have been dying to show you this video: the Pattern Parcel #1 Fashion Show. Enjoy!

Pattern Parcel #1 Full Length Video from Perfect Pattern Parcel on Vimeo.

Now, head on over to Perfect Pattern Parcel #1 and see what the hubbub is all about. I've got to go get a fresh cup of coffee. See you there! (Click this button to be teleported to Pattern Parcel now.) Oh, hey, and Happy Friday too!

Perfect Pattern Parcel