Made with Moxie: Pattern Parcel #4: Let's hear it for the BOYS!

August 22, 2014

Pattern Parcel #4: Let's hear it for the BOYS!

Any Maker Momma of a little dude will tell you how the wee men get the shaft when it comes to sewing patterns. Really, all clothing in general. It's usually nothing but boring basics. Well, I want modern. I want hip. I want fun and comfort all rolled into one. Our sons and grandsons ooze character and they deserve better!

So we wrangled up our favorite digital indie patterns for boys and, BAM! Introducing Pattern Parcel #4!

Pattern Parcel #4

Pattern Parcel #4 includes:

Schoolboy Vest by Sew Much Ado
Maxwell Top by Shwin Designs
Small Fry Jeans by Titchy Threads
Zippy Jacket by Blank Slate Patterns
Jet Pack Bag by Betz White

Choose a price of $26 or more (which, hi, that's still only 50% the retail price of the first five patterns, never mind that you'll be getting six!) you'll get the Bonus Pattern, the Knight Hoodie by Charming Doodle. This pattern is so awesome. I want one for me!

Pattern Parcel #4

Remember, you get to choose the price you pay for the Parcel. Show your love for the indie designers in the Parcel and choose to share some of your price with the charity, We take our portion of the sales to pay all the costs associated with running the sale then give the rest to as well. Get freaking awesome patterns, shop independent artists and feel good doing it.

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Happy Friday, y'all!