Made with Moxie: Guest Post: Ros, my Covert Robin

April 16, 2012

Guest Post: Ros, my Covert Robin

Here is a special guest post from Ros of Sew Delicious. Remember Ros was my Covert Robin. You can visit this link to also view other handmade gifts that were sent to other bloggers as part of the swap too.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi, I'm Ros from Sew Delicious and today I'm visiting to share the gifts I made for Jill for the Covert Robin swap.

This swap was a tricky one - I couldn't make a final decision on what to make for Jill and I kept stressing that it wouldn't be good enough! I am a bit too hard on myself!  In the end I settled on three things:

First, I made a denim tote. I used some dark denim and top stitched it in hot pink and finished it with a heart shaped black button. Inside it is lined with a fun cherry print.

When I participate in swaps I like to stalk check out my recipient's blog and Pinterest boards to see what their style is. Jill's blog logo kept popping into my mind, so I used some black and white felt and made her a pin of her blog logo. I pinned it to her bag, so when she goes to the grocery store someone might say "what's that?" and she can say "the logo for my blog / etsy store"...cue conversation and potential customer!

And finally as someone else who loves fabric and sewing, I knew Jill would love a zip pouch made from selvedge. Its a project I started a while ago, and I put it aside for ages waiting for the right reason to finish it. The Covert Robin swap came along so I finished it with Jill in mind.

And the other side:

And what is an international gift without a selection of local delicacies?

Thanks for having me Jill and I hope you loved your Covert Robin gifts!
Needless to say, I am SO in love with my gifts. Jane thinks my pouch is a magic pouch as she checks it everyday to see it it has materialized more chocolates. :)
I'm off to enjoy this nice day! Hope you all are having a good Monday.