Made with Moxie: This Year's Resolutions and Happy Mail

April 25, 2012

This Year's Resolutions and Happy Mail

So it's April and I'm just writing down my resolutions. I made them four months ago and have been working on them since. I have just decided to articulate them into words finally and share. Really.

2012 Resolutions:
1. Buy less fabric "just because" I like it (unless I really really love it.)

2. Use up fabric I already have. (My fabric hording is no where as bad as others I have seen, but if I use up what I have then I need more, right?)

3. Sew selfishly. (I'm not doing as well with this with custom orders and gifts, but I do have a swoon quilt pattern that will be for me.)

4. Learn new sewing skills.(You know, like threading and using my serger.)

Last week I finished up two sewing projects, but I can't show you because they are Mother's Day presents. What?!? Mother's Day presents done before it is even May? I know. I don't know who I am either.

Happy Mail!: I got my Pretty {little} Pouch swap in the mail this weekend! I was so psyched. This is what my partner, Sandi, sent:
I love it! Sandi even tried some hand quilting/embroidery on the bag which she confessed she had never tried before. How awesome is that?
I love this piece of Melody Miller's Ruby Rising Star, too. I've been pondering what to make with it, but I'm thinking I may just put it into an embroidery hoop to hang on my studio wall since I love it so much.

I have found a use for the flask full of corks that sit on my kitchen counter top. Cork stamps. I can't find the original source of this idea. I read too many blogs and pins, but if you google 'wine cork stamp' you'll find a bunch. It took me a few stamps to remember to reverse my doodles. Anyone need a backwards sewing machine stamp?
It is a great mini project to do and you could make some nice cards or wrapping paper. Hey, I didn't even cut myself with my X-acto knife despite it's brand new blade! Now I just need a project for all of our beer bottle caps... One that won't make our house look like a man cave.

I'm hoping to finish up my mother/daughter vintage sheet aprons before this weekend. Hopefully, J&J will cooperate!

Happy Hump Day!