Made with Moxie: Treading water

April 3, 2012

Treading water

The answer to How do I do it all? is easy. I don't. I barely keep my head above water. Each time I clear a project away, I think 5 more. I compost a large number of blog posts in my head as I go about my day. Unfortunately, I have not yet installed the USB port in my head so all is lost. It's like I blog to myself. (shakes head)

We have been hard at work on our community garden plot. We were given a 20' x 25"' plot that someone abandoned. Trash was hauled, raised beds removed, compost bin sorted, raspberry trimmed and earth tilled and mounded. All we have left to do is plant. I have pictures to post, but they are on my husband's BlackBerry so those will come another day. (Or maybe I'll just post them in my head. Ha!)

March's Madness:
March 2012

I just ordered this book (I try to always buy used books. More character, less waste.) I also needed to have this fabric. Seems appropriate, no? I think it may become a Noodlehead clutch for me, someday. Until then, I have 3 nightlights to make and ship and 4 custom orders for Reversible Adjustable Sun Hats.

The kiddos and i are off to stalk wait for the mail lady. I'm anxiously awaiting my Covert Robin gift and Jane thinks all the junk mail is for her.

Tonight Operation Sabotoge going into full effect! My husband and I, normally independents, have registered as Republicans so we can vote in our state's primary elections in an effort to cast our votes against candidates we oppose gravely hope never make it to the office of POTUS.

Check out my MIL's post about being a Gramma with CHD. Though she is not old, she is one of the oldest people living with Tetrology of Fallot. She the awesome-est mother-in-law you could ask for. And I'm not writing that in case she reads this. That lady and I can get into some serious trouble at a fabric store!

Is that a mail truck I hear? (squirrel)