Made with Moxie: Pretty {little} Pouch Swap

April 17, 2012

Pretty {little} Pouch Swap

This month I participated in Round 4 of Pretty {little} Pouch Swap. I learned to make cathedral windows because my partner had multiple pictures of them in the mosaic of what she liked. And, what the hell, why not learn something new, right? I was pleased with the result. They are not as difficult as you would expect but the take up a lot of fabric and add extra steps to making something. I also added in a Noodlehead mini pouch that I modified to fit a cell phone, credit cards and ID. I really hope she likes her bags.(crosses fingers)

p.s.- Inserting zippers with tabs is so easy, looks much nicer and probably will lower incidents of broken needles!
The back has stitching that mimics the pattern of the cathedral windows on the front.

It is in the mail on the way to you, Partner!