Made with Moxie: Coffee talk!

March 15, 2013

Coffee talk!

Oh my God, did you see what that woman was wearing? Some one should tell her those are Not Pants. It's a bit early to be looking at another woman's butt. Sheesh. At least let me have my coffee first.

So, how was your week? As opposed to last week, I think this week has taken forever. At least we had nice enough weather to go outside with the kids.

Doesn't this sunshine just feel so nice? It makes me want to just curl up in this chair and take a nap. Too bad I've got gobs of things to do between school work and Moxie work. Oh, what about housework, you say? What is house work? Oh, damn. I'm supposed to be doing that too? Woops!

This week I am working on memorizing all the muscles in the body. No big deal, right? Next week I have to know where the start, end, what nerve makes them move and how they move the body. Psssht, no big deal. Folded laundry? Not going to happen.

Check it out. My plants are coming up! I didn't kill them! I can not wait to get the garden going. What I really wished is we had to money to put up the six foot fence around the yard. Those damn deer are just going to eat my garden again. (shakes fist) Plus, I *love* the view of the rolls of molding wet carpet my neighbors pulled out of their basement....last fall.

Have you ever tried to grow blackberry bushes? I saw someone selling plants on Craigslist the other day and was curious if it was a no-brainer or not.

Did you just hear that? Yeah, Jane just told Jimmy "Oooooh, that's a big mess, Jimmy. Don't worry. Momma can clean it up." Super.

(chugs coffee) It'd a good thing they are cute. I'm psyched I just hired my friend, Heather, to redesign my logos, headers and sewn in tags. So super psyched. Also, I am going to be an Auntie again soon. Come out, Mr, Link!

Well, I'd better go see what Yahoo Doris and Bahoo Boris are up to and what kind of "big mess" I am cleaning up. Have a good one y'all!