Made with Moxie: Covert Robin Help

March 7, 2013

Covert Robin Help

Now that Covert Robin assignments have been emailed I have received quite a few questions about what to make for your Covert Robin. There are a good number of Covert Robins who do not have blogs to stalk, or pinterest boards to browse. Don't despair!

While we all want to make something super personal and super awesome, don't forget that there are somethings that *everyone* would love to get. Here are some tutorials for projects my co-hosts and I have written in the past that can help you. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us, too.

Rachael's Pellon Apron
Frippery Coasters
The Madeline Handbag
Raccoon Coffee Cozy
Nesting Boxes
Jane's Huggable star pillowsk
Placemat Pillows
Jane's 2012 Covert Robin Ikea Hack
Land of Nod inspired Feather Pillow
Text of the link
Changeable Chalkboard Bunting
Bubble Glasses and Plates
Hope for Haiti Apron
Gorgeous Table Runner
Fold-over Fabric Baskts
Courtney's Cloth Napkins
Adorable Tote Bag
Sew Well Maide's Half Hour Glasses Case
Half Hour Needlecase
Quilted Zipper Pouch
Summer Fun Tote Bag
Mustachoied Crocheted Mug Sweater
Felt Matryoshka Stuffed Dollies