Made with Moxie: My Covert Robin Delivered! Woot!

March 28, 2013

My Covert Robin Delivered! Woot!

I tore open a package last week, not even thinking about what it was. I order all sorts of stuff on the internet and so does my husband. So when I got it open and saw a freaking ninja pillow I began to dance.

And I really dance. I don't post that I'm dancing. I dance. I do a jig. I skip around the table and get the kids to do it with me. We make up a song about happy ninja pillows. My Covert Robin, Melissa Q. of A Happy Stitch, also sent me this super duper cute change purse that she printed and made, along with rainbow stickers and Japanese gum. Woot!

In her note, Melissa said I seemed like the kind of girl who would appreciate a ninja pillow. Boy, howdy, do I ever!

I need to start opening my packages where my kids can't see them though. Jimmy has taken Ninja to his crib. But he makes Ninja dance for me when I go to get him out, so I suppose I can share him.

Jane also decided to try some Japanese gum. She has never tried gum at all before. Check it out.

Adorableness overload going on here at the Dorsey house. Thank you, Melissa. We're in love.