Made with Moxie: Good intentions

March 10, 2012

Good intentions

I keep writing blog posts in my head but my assistant never seems to type them out, edit my pictures and post them. Ha! Wouldn't you just love a personal assistant?

I have been quite productive lately. Two custom flannel blankets for a friend's twins, a custom necktie, and a handful of nightlight orders too. The necktie is a copy of the one I made my FIL for Christmas. I love this fabric, especially the sugar skull I made myself a nightlight with a scrap of her. Can you imagine; I'd made hundreds of nightlights and this it the first one just for me? It is also a one of a kind as I am officially out of this fabric.

I also packed up my Modern Mini quilt along with other handmade goodies for Abby's Perfect Broken Heart auction. It made me a little sad to send it away after working so hard on it, but I hope it makes a good amount of money for Abby. I held my own little girl a bit tighter tonight and can't imagine what it feels like to be Abby's mom.

Two new clutches are in the works too! I can't wait to show them off once they are done. Also, this week two squares arrived from my Modern 99 quilting bee.

Earlier this week I was worried because my middle and index finger were dry and peeling. Totally weird. Truth be told I was thinking I had some weird fungus or something. As I was working on stitching some details on the new clutches today I figured out what it was. Turns out I have been doing so much hand quilting and sewing that I have made calluses! I feel like a real quilter now. :) And will need to order a proper sized thumble asap.

I'm off to bed. Tomorrow I'm painting Jane's big girl bed!