Made with Moxie: It is Thursday. Again.

March 15, 2012

It is Thursday. Again.

I seriously thought yesterday was Thursday. My mother informed me it was only Wednesday during a mid-afternoon Skype call. I like Thursdays, but it is a tease to have two in a week.

It has been my mission to make an adjustable, reversible sun hat for the little man. My husband informed me that no matter hot much I "manned" it up I could not put his son in a bonnet. Test #1 produced a hat that, although was adjustable and reversible, was much too big for Jimmy's head. Despite the rather large-ness of his head. Jane plopped it on her head and proclaimed it Jane's Hat.

I am pleased to say that Test #2 was a success today. Since I now have a toddler and infant sized pattern, you know I have to make an adult one. (My hat will NOT be alphabets.)

The mail was super exciting today: my vintage thread spool rack from Etsy, ISpy charm swaps and a block from my Modern 99 quilting bee. I can't wait to get the rest of my blocks mailed back to me. I think they may become a quilt for Jane's Big Girl Bed. Here are the four I have so far. I could just look at them all day.

And you know that as soon as I opened the ISpy charms I went ahead and laid them out, stacked them up and started stitching away. They will just be a plain old patchwork picnic quilt.

The last thing I am working on. Well, the last thing for this post. You know I'm not on the last thing on my To Do list. That list never ends. In any case. I had this Awesome Idea the other day. This is just an In Progress shot. I'll show more later one. Maybe even do a tutorial. But needless to say, I am really excited about it. I get too excited about fabric and projects and ideas. If only I got this excited about laundry. Or cleaning.

Yesterday, Jane and I went out into the woods to clear and rake out a spot for a garden since we had not yet heard back on our wait list status for the community gardens. Don't you know that after an hour of work I came back in to find an email from them asking which plots we would be interested in! So now we will have an awesome flower garden in the back yard woods and probably an equally awesome organic garden in the community plots!

Time to go. The littlest one is stirring.