Made with Moxie: One year Etsy-versary

March 27, 2012

One year Etsy-versary

Today is the one year anniversary of the opening of my Etsy shop.

Shop stats*:(I can't help it. I love stats.)
14,000 people have visited my shop
1,000 people marked my shop or an item as a favorite :)
210 sales
165 nightlights sold
22% revenue donated to charities
100% profitable
* Shop stats have been rounded so as to not get bogged down in the details, but are an accurate reflection.

My expectations have been far exceeded, though I truthfully did not set any goals for my first year. Heck, I didn't even know I would keep going for a full year. I'm giving myself a shiny star because in addition to running my shop I am raising a way too smart 2 year old, grew and birthed a strapping 10 1/2 pound baby boy, packed and moved our family into our new house (while pregnant), and oversee all my duties as Chief Operating Officer of Dorsey Family Enterprises.

Most of all, I have fun. I get to make every single day and I love it. And people like what I make enough to give me money for it. How awesome is that? I am super thankful to my husband who has been nothing but supportive of my venture. He always encourages me to keep making. He has never once suggested that I spend less time making and more time cleaning, cooking, etc. When I am hesitant to buy fabrics or other investments, he asks me what I am waiting for. Thank you, Danny!

I'll have to get to work setting some goals for my second year. My fellow Nordy friends know my near obsession with setting and achieving goals. I'm thinking 50% increases, at least! Also, this morning during our bathroom board meeting, our CFO (Danny)green lighted the Fenton Street Market proposal! I'm super psyched, and super nervous, to be doing my first physical, real, in person market. Woo hoo!

This past week I finished my first FMQ(free motion quilting) project. I need to get a hoop large enough to put it in so it can be hung.
Yesterday I decided to learn how make cathedral windows for my partner in the Pretty {little} Pouch Swap I still have to make it into a pouch, but I hope she likes it!

And on that note, I have to get going. There is a two year old spinning her brother in his doorway jumper and, as my mother used to always say, someone is going to end up hurt.