Made with Moxie: Reversible Adjustable Sun Hat

March 23, 2012

Reversible Adjustable Sun Hat

I get a lot of requests for special orders. It is my goal to make a post for each item available for special order.

The Reversible Adjustable Sun Hat $24
Perfect sun protection for your little ones; in the garden, at the beach, camping, hiking, playing by the pool.Currently available in three sizes: Size One, Two and Three.

Size One: measures 19 inches at the top circumference, should fit from 6 months through 2 years+
Size Two: measures 20 1/2 inches at the top circumference, should fit 2 years through 8 years+
Size Three: measures 22 inches at the top circumference, should fit teen through adult women. (It is adjustable, so it will fit smaller heads as well as large ones.)

The back of this hat is adjustable with the sewn in Velcro tabs and is very forgiving. In these pictures Jimmy is 7 months old and has an 18 inch head. Jane is 2 years and 3 months and has a 22 1/2 inch head. Jimmy is wearing a Size One and has lots of room to grow. I would put his hat on a bit tighter with the Velcro tabs on a windy day. Jane is wearing Size Two in these pictures, she can still also easily fit into a Size One. Each size will keep on fitting your kiddo for years not just one season, which is so nice. I don't know any other article of kids clothing that fits that long.
Custom made just for you. The sky is the limit with colors and fabric designs. These are fabrics I have on hand. I can also order fabrics quickly from The Intrepid Thread. Just shoot me an email to start the design process.

I just have to include what may be my all-time favorite picture of my kids (so far.)

Sigh. Kids....(shakes head)