Made with Moxie: Day Five: My New Washis and Your Selfish Sewing

September 27, 2013

Day Five: My New Washis and Your Selfish Sewing

My Selfish Sewing share today is what I have been actually sewing during my Selfish Sewing time this week. This January I made myself a leopard print Washi top which gets a lot of wear. Appropriately enough, this post is also the post where I decided that this year was going to me my Year of Sewing Selfishly.

Selfish Sewing Day Five: Made with Moxie

I bought this blue plaid here on Etsy after I saw Ros's Gingham Washi Dress. I don't know why I don't sew with more plaids. I suppose I don't often find nice plaid shirting material and The Voices in my head make ma match up plaids, which can be extra challenging in curvy women's garments. Anyone have a good source for men's shirting fabrics? I would love to be able to find crisp, quality plaids and stripes.

Selfish Sewing Day Five: Made with Moxie

This yellow print has been prewashed and waiting patiently for me since February! When I went to cut out my blue plaid, I decided to cut the crap and make two washi tops. The fabric is a Keepsake cotton from JoAnn's, which is nothing fancy at all, but I was just stuck by the yellow and grey colors together. It also reminded me of bees. Something about it called to me, so I listened and bought it. (Do you think JoAnn's pumps in fake Voices that tell us to bug fabric? Fabric calls my name a lot when I am in that store.)

Selfish Sewing Day Five: Made with Moxie

My kids have been helping me take pictures for Selfish Sewing Week. It isn't ideal,but it's all I got. I had to send my DSLR back to Canon because it isn't focusing properly (of all weeks!) I have been using my husband's point and shoot along with a tripod. I either have to set the timer and run back and fourth, or get Jane or Jimmy to push the shutter button for me. Jane is annoyed to be my photographer, while Jimmy is trigger happy and shouts "I did it!" every time he takes a picture. I have to delete 85% of the pictures, but in between there are gems.

Selfish Sewing Day Five: Made with Moxie

If you're going to have your kids help you take pictures, I highly recommend putting a small sticker on your shutter button so they can remember which one it is. That way you can just yell over to them to push the sticker, instead of charging back at them to go show them where it is again only to have them snap your picture looking like a blurry, crazed lunatic half way there. Not that that happened to me.

Selfish Sewing Day Five: Made with Moxie

My Favorites: From the Selfish Sewing FlickR pool.

1. Lapin Noir Sew Sweetness bag by Crafty Brooklyn Army Wife  2. I Believe Improv Quilt by Pam of Quilty Square One  3. Wide Open Pouch by Stephanie Granite 

Crafty Brooklyn Army Wife is a pattern tester for Sara at Sew Sweetness. If you are looking for a bag to make, Sara has one that's the right shape and size for you. She's also got a handbag pattern book coming out this fall that I also tested a pattern for (and loved.) This bag by Crafty Brooklyn Army Wife is awesome. I Love the fabrics she used too. And she must have loved the pattern...she made two!

Pam of Quilt Square One has been working on this fabulous improv quilt. It's twenty 15.5" rainbow scrappy squares and she also pieced together letters to have it say "I believe in the color wheel. I believe in me." This quilt looks so happy and snuggly. I just want to take a nap under it and I can't help but think that the sentiment of the quilt is so fitting for Selfish Sewing Week. Nice finish, Pam!

Stephanie stitched up this adorable Wide Open Pouch for herself this week. You all know I have a soft spot for skull fabrics, but this one has scissor crossbones! Combine it with the tape meausure lining fabric, and it's a match made in heave. I'm a sucker for a nice selfish zipper pouch or two. Love!

Did you see the Caramel Coat Kelly made by Waffle Patterns?

Make sure you pop over to imagine gnats and see the most adorable Uptown Dress that Tara of ROBOT Insdie has made.

Got some Selfish Sewing planned for this weekend? I've got some time on my hands and a pattern for leggings I want to draft. How about you?