Made with Moxie: Day Two: My Selfish Sewing and Yours

September 24, 2013

Day Two: My Selfish Sewing and Yours

As much as I want to master sewing with knits, I still much prefer sewing with wovens. Wovens come in every color, pattern and texture under the sun. They're crisp and comfortable. But most of all, they just behave. They stay where I tell them to. Wovens don't slink off my ironing board, roll up on the edges and make me want to fling them across the room. I am not afraid of knits, but when we're both in the room it's like this.

Selfish Sewing Day Two: Made with Moxie

I live in jeans and am always on the look out for cute top patterns that I can sew with my stash of quilt fabrics. When Rachael said she was making The Bess Top Pattern, I begged her for it. The Bess Top is so easy and adorable, I've already made a handful of them. Is is only two pattern pieces and sews up in no time. Bonus points for the fact that it runs from a size 2 on up to a 20.

Selfish Sewing Day Two: Made with Moxie

The subtle high-low hem line means my Bess Top is adorable in the front and still covers my butt crack in the back when I bend over. I made this Bess from a boarder print fabric that I got on my honeymoon to Hawaii in May. With the Bess Top pattern in my library, I just went ahead and prewashed all sort of wovens I've been hording in excitement. Expect to see more Bess Tops on me.

Selfish Sewing Day Two: Made with Moxie

My Favorites: I just love how excited everyone is for Selfish Sewing Week. There is just a really refreshing atmosphere out there as you all are posting about what you're sewing this week. There is no one to apologize to or reason to feel guilty about cutting a corner here or there. Heck, today I serged the arm holes on my new washi tunic because I felt like it and the sewing police were no where in site.

Without further ado, here are three of my favorites from the Selfish Sewing FlickR pool.
1. Striped knit cardigan by Chrisy Newell  2. Echino ironing board cover by Shecanquilt  3. Tova dress by Gemma Jackson 

Christy's striped cardi is so chic and effortless looking. I love love love that she matched up her stripes. (Unmatched stripes make The Voices scream.) I need to make a cardigan like this in a print too. I'm such a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl.

Shecanquilt's new ironing board cover is so awesome and easy. Just a cheater quilt print, batting and cord, and voila! New, fresh ironing board cover. I love a good ironing board cover. I love Amanda from Kitschy Coo's too. Have you ever seen it?

The pop of color of the Nottinghill fabric in Gemma's Tova dress is just killing me. It is so mod and just damn awesome. Gemma, you look fabulous in that dress. Do not lose that pattern and don't you dare lengthen that hem. You've got fabulous legs!

Make you you swing by imagine gnats at 4pm EST. And don't be drinking a beverage when you do. You'll laugh so hard it will come out your nose!

Have you seen the Uptown Dress that Jess Phillips made to day from Design Fixation and entered the giveaway?

Thanks for sewing along for Selfish Sewing Week and hey, would you lay off the wine a bit? No wonder your stitches are a bit wave! (wink wink)