Made with Moxie: Selfish Sewing Week is here!

September 22, 2013

Selfish Sewing Week is here!

This summer, Rachael from imagine gnats and I introduced you to a new challenge. For just one week, September 23-29, we challenged you to spend at least one hour each day that week sewing for yourself. And that week is finally here!

Selfish Sewing Week: Hosted by Made with Moxie and Imagine Gnats

So, dig up that Swoon quilt you've been meaning to make. Cut up that Heather Ross you've been hording for years. And would you please finally make yourself a Washi dress already?

Need some inspiration? Check out the Selfish Sewing Pinterest board. Of course, take lots of pictures and share what you make! Use the hashtag #selfishsewing on Instagram and Twitter, and add your FlickR photos to the Selfish Sewing Week FlickR group..

All this week this is what you can expect to see here at Made with Moxie: Each morning at 9am EST, I'll be showing off posts from our Featured Stitchers. These ladies have sewed up some awesome Selfish Sewing projects ahead of time to share with you. A lot of the patterns they have stitched up for you are patterns that have been donated for Selfish Sewing Week by some amazing Indy pattern designers and shops. Oh, and did I mention that they've also donated a copy for you to win?

Then in the afternoons I'll be posting about the Selfish Sewing I am working on each day, as well as pulling my favorites from some of your Selfish Sewing pictures from FlickR and IG!

Make sure you are uploading pictures of your Selfish Sewing to the Selfish Sewing FlickR pool as you sew this week. And don't forget to stop in at 9am EST to see our first Featured Stitcher and enter the contest to win one of 8 different patterns featured during Selfish Sewing Week!

Hey! Did you also know that "seamstress" was what the prostitutes of Gold Rush era Seattle called themselves? True story. Thanks to Cassie for this bit of trivia. Anyone want to join my Seamstress Guild? :p

Happy Selfish Stitching!