Made with Moxie: Selfish Sewing Week Winners and Recap

September 30, 2013

Selfish Sewing Week Winners and Recap

Wow! What a week. I want to thank you all for participating in the first ever Selfish Sewing Week. It was a seven day roller coaster of pure awesomeness. Rachael and I were so excited to see your projects in the Selfish Sewing FlickR pool. The responses we have received to Selfish Sewing Week were overwhelming and heart warming. It's so great to be part of such a large community of talented stitchers. You all had so much fun, that we're going to be doing a Spring Selfish Sewing Week! We understand that everyone's lives are super busy and jam packed, but twice a year we're going to encourage you to get out your special stash and make something selfish!

Selfish Sewing Week Recap on Made with Moxie

Until then, keep showing off your Selfish Sewings in the FlickR pool and don't forget to follow the Selfish Sewing Week Pinterest board for selfish inspirations!

Selfish Sewing Week Pattern Winners!:
Maritime Shorts by Grainline Studios - Jenny Young
Caramel Short Duffle Jacket by Waffle Patterns - Sheri Fowler
Uptown Dress by Shop Design Fixation -Tanja Haack
Renfrew Top by Sewaholic - Faye Nettles
Red Velvet Dress by Cake Patterns - Yolanda Pandiella
Movies in the Park Shorts by Dixie DIY - Renee Williams
Sis Boom Angie Dress by The Scientific Seamstress - Jo Gage
The Bess Top by imagine gnats - Sew Charleston

I want to give another a big thank you to our fabulous pattern prize donors:
Grainline Studios:Maritime Shorts
Waffle Patterns:Caramel Short Duffle Jacket
Shop Design Fixation:Uptown Dress
Sewaholic:Renfrew Top
Cake Patterns: Red Velvet Dress
Dixie DIY: Movies in the Park Shorts
The Scientific Seamstress: Sis Boom Angie Dress
imagine gnats: The Bess Top

And a super special big thank you, to Rachael, my partner in crime for Selfish Sewing Week! Thanks, dude!